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Ważniejsze oznaczenia

ADSL Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line

AIS Alarm Indication Signal

APS Automatic Protection Switch

ASON Automatically Switched Optical Network

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

BER Bit Error Rate

BGP4 Border Gateway Protocol ver. 4

BLSR Bidirectional Line Switch Ring

BPDU Bridge Protocol Data Units

CATV Community Access Television

CC Continuity Check

CID Consecutive Identical Digit

CV Connectivity Verification

DPL Data Prefetch Logic

DPM Defects Per Million

DSL Digital Subscriber Line

FERF Far End Receive Failure

FIT Failure In Time

FITL Fibre in the Loop

FTTB/C Fibre to the Building/Curb

FTTCab Fibre to the Cabinet

FTTH Fibre to the Home

GMPLS Generalized Multipotocol Label Switching

HFC Hybrid Fibre-Coax

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IP Internet Protocol

IS-IS Intermediate System-Intermediate System

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

LAG Link Aggregation Protocol

LAN Local Area Network

LAP Link Access Procedure

LB Loopback

LOL Loss Of Light

LOS Loss of Signal

LMP Link Managment Protocol

LPR Line Protection and Restoration

LSP Label Switched Path

LSR Label Switched Router

MAC Medium Access Control

MDT Mean Down Time

MLM Multi-Longitudinal Mode

MPLS Multipotocol Label Switching

MS Multiplex Section

MS-DPRing Multiplex Section Dedicated Protection Ring

MS-SPRing Multiplex Section-Shared Protection Rings

MSP Multiplex Section Protection

MTBF Mean Time Between Failure

MTTF Mean Time To Fail

MTTR Mean Time To Repair

MTTV Mean Time To RecoVery

MUT Mean Up Time

OAM Operations, Administration and Maintenance

OAM&P Operations, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning

OAN Optical Access Network

OCh-DPRing Optical Channel Dedicated Protection Ring OCh-SPRing

OCh-SNCP Optical Channel SubNetwork Connection Protection

ODF Optical Distribution Frame

ODN Optical Distribution Network

OLT Optical Line Termination

OMSP Optical Multi Section Protection

OMS-DPRing Optical Multiplex Section Dedicated Protection Ring

OMS-SPRing Optical Multiplex Section Shared Protection Ring

ONU Optical Network Unit

ORL Optical Return Loss

OSI Open Systems Interconnect

OSPF Open Shortest Path First

OTN Optical Transport Network

PCM Pulse Code Modulation

PLC Powerline Communication

PON Passive Optical Network

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

QoS Quality of Service

PVC Permanent Virtual Circuit

RDI Remote Defect Indicator

RMS Root Mean Square

RPR Resilient Packet Ring

RSTP Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol

SDH/SONET Synchronous Digital Hierarchy/ Synchronous Optical NETwork

SHDSL Single-Pair High-Speed Digital Subscriber Line

SHN Self-Healing Network

SLA Service Level Agreement

SLM Single-Longitudinal Mode

SNCP Sub-Network Connection Protection

SNI Service Node Interface

SONAR Switch on Activity Received

STP Spanning Tree Protocol

SVC Switched Virtual Circuit

TDMA Time Division Multiple Access

UPSR Unidirectional Path Switched Ring

UI Interval Unit

UNI User Network Interface

VC Virtual Channel

VCI Virtual Channel Indicator

VDSL Very-High-Data-Rate Digital Subscriber Line

VoD Video on Demand

VP Virtual Path

VPI Virtual Path Indicator

WAN Wide Area Network

WDM Wavelength Division Multiplexing

WLL Wireless Local Loop

WWDM Wide Wavelength Division Multiplexing


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